Almond Update: Nitrogen BMPs Research Driven, Upcoming Training

Jim Rogers Almond Update

Almond Board

Years of high-level research have been combined to form Nitrogen Best Management Practices for almond growers. The Almond Board of California has developed the guide and created a digestible handbook to help growers efficiently get nutrients to their throughout the season.

ABC’s Agricultural Research Associate Director Sebastian Saa said the guide follows four easy components of proper nutrient management and training next week will help producers understand what the research has shown. “We’re going to cover the basics so if you are not familiar with the nitrogen best management practices you are welcome to join,” he said. “If you are familiar with the BMP’s, you should also join because we will have updates and the latest knowledge.” 

Listen to Saa’s full interview.

Almond Update: Nitrogen BMPs Research Driven, Upcoming Training

Producers can find the Nitrogen Best Management Practices and registration for the nitrogen ‘Training Tuesday’ at

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