Almond Update: New Industry Resource to Be Made Available at Almond Conference

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A new industry resource will debut at the 2022 Almond Conference. The new Almond Disease and Nutrient Deficiency Identification Cards will complement other informational materials developed by the Almond Board of California (ABC). Jenny Nicolau, ABC Senior Manager of Industry Relations and Communications, said the information in the new cards has not been made available in a printed collection before. ABC has been working on multiple easy-to-use identification guides over the past three years to support growers and Pest Control Advisors (PCAs) in the field.

Industry Resource

“The very first one has a little bit of a long name, it’s called the Almond Production Resources, but it’s really the Pest ID Booklet. It covers everything from insects, mites, vertebrates, and it even goes into natural enemies,” Nicolau explained. “The second set of cards we developed about a year later was the Weed Identification Manual. That goes into both warm and cool season, but almond-specific weeds. That’s what makes these cards so incredible is they are almond specific.”

The disease and nutrient deficiency cards are being designed now. The new industry resource along with other materials are free and will be available at the ABC booth at the Almond Conference. Information in the identification resources is all derived from the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources. “All the content, all the images, have been reviewed by UC experts,” said Nicolau.

While the printed resources have been tremendously helpful for the industry, ABC is also offering online learning opportunities through a series of quarterly webinars. The first PCA webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, November 1, and will highlight maximum residue levels in six key markets. “We will discuss the latest movement on product regulations and really help PCAs stay aware of what rules may be coming down the pipe,” Nicolau noted.

Listen to Nicolau’s interview below.

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