Almond Update: Mexico, A Surprisingly Primed Market for Almond Growth

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Almond Board of California

Mexico isn’t viewed as a major market for California almonds but the region is primed for exponential growth according to the Almond Board of California. North American Marketing Manager Becky Jeffers presented at the virtual Almond Conference in December and said their relatively new strategies in Mexico focus on health qualities for urban professionals. That demographic represents 31 percent of the total population and ABC believes almond snacking is a way to increase consumption with on-the-go professionals.

Jeffers also fielded two questions about the Mexican market and their strategies including the applicability of tactics in California with a large Hispanic population and flavored products in Mexico.

You can watch Jeffers’ section of the ‘North America: Growing Love for Almonds in New Ways and with New Consumers’ presentation below.

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