Almond Update: Industry Participation is Paramount for United Action

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Industry participation such as serving on committees, subcommittees, and working groups offers an opportunity to help guide efforts undertaken by the Almond Board of California (ABC). Food Safety Manager at Del Rio Nut Company, Michelle Penney has been involved in ABC programs since participating in the Almond Leadership Program back in 2017. Now serving on the Global Communications Committee, Penney said she has enjoyed the experience. The more than 150 almond industry members that volunteer their time play a critical role in shaping ABC efforts for helping California almond production remain strong.

Industry participation

“To stay together and work together for the common goal is only going to strengthen us. We’re not only logistically close but if we can be aligned as far as our goals as an industry, I think we can do amazing things. And I think that’s already been shown in the challenges that we’ve already faced and overcome,” said Penney. “It is important to be involved and to keep on the pulse on what is happening and to help make the decisions for our industry. If we want the industry to move in a positive direction and stay ahead of the curve and anticipate these challenges, then we have to stay involved. We can’t just rely on other people to do it for us.”

There are multiple opportunities for industry participation in a variety of capacities. ABC accepts applications throughout the year, with committees scheduled to be seated in August. Industry members are always welcome to join a meeting at any time to learn more about how the committee’s function and the activities they are engaged in. Penney said the time commitment is minimal compared to the importance of the work that is being done and encourages other industry members to participate.

“Even if you feel like maybe you haven’t been in the industry long enough, that’s not necessarily true,” Penney noted. “It’s been good to see new fresh ideas come through and I’ve been part of that. So, I encourage everybody to get as involved as they feel they can.”

Listen to Penney’s interview below.

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