Almond Update: Global Demand to Be Highlighted at The Almond Conference

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The Almond Conference (TAC) 2023 will feature a variety of informational sessions highlighting multiple issues. One of the main sessions will focus on the array of efforts aimed at building global demand for almonds. Vice President of Global Market Development for the Almond Board of California (ABC), Emily Fleischmann said they will have a full panel to provide insight on individual markets.

Global Demand

“We will have our leaders from across the globe there on stage talking about some of what we’re doing. So, we’ll touch upon India. We’ve got some really exciting new things happening in India,” said Fleischmann. “We also have a new campaign that just launched in Germany this fall called The Mother of All Snacks. So, we’ll have the team there on stage, Dariela [Roffe-Rackind], who leads that program for us in Europe to talk about that campaign and what success we’ve seen.”

The session will also feature updates on the “Own Your Prime” campaign here in the domestic market, which features Coach Prime, Deion Sanders. Fleischmann said that the campaign has been wildly successful in delivering a significant amount of consumer interaction. Mickey Citarella with SRG, An ABC partner working on strategy and marketing, will also be a part of the panel.

“We’re looking for somebody who could paint a picture of what’s happening out there in the larger landscape as it relates to food consumption. Because we know there’s been a lot of changes and especially here in the U.S. market,” said Fleischmann. “We want to paint a picture of what’s happening kind of at a bigger level and then how that’s affecting almonds.”

The Building Global Demand for California Almonds session will be taking place at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, December 7. More information about TAC is available at

Listen to the segment below.

Brian German
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