Almond Update: Export Delays and What’s on The Horizon

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All of agriculture has been struggling with export delays, but the challenges have been particularly difficult for the almond industry. Export markets are especially important for almond growers, with the vast majority of production headed to other countries. While the supply chain situation continues to be in flux, Principal Specialist for Global Technical and Regulatory Affairs at the Almond Board of California, Geoffrey Bogart said there has been some recent progress.

Export Delays

“Some of the progress that we’re going to see will be I think better service in Oakland. There’s also a move to extend the operating hours of the ports, particularly L.A./Long Beach because that’s been a problem in terms of how much operating time there is,” Bogart explained. “I’m hopeful that at least by the time Conference rolls around we’ll have some good news to report.”

Bogart will be moderating a session titled Ag Export Delays: Any Light at the End of the Tunnel? on day two of The Almond Conference. Some of the scheduled speakers include Shadrack Scheirman from the Federal Maritime Commission, Joshua Woods from Blue Diamond Growers, and Elaine Trevino with the Almond Alliance of California. Bogart explained that because of the constantly changing nature of the situation, the conference session will be a good opportunity to get the latest information from those directly involved.

“What we wanted to do with this session at the Conference is to say, look, over the last year we’ve experienced these types of delays, the Almond Board has been conducting surveys of handlers and traders to find out what they’re experiencing,” said Bogart. “We try and share those best practices, but what are the prospects as we try and get through the ag export delays? What are the prospects for next year? What are the prospects for the next week?”

Listen to Bogart’s interview below.

Registration for The Almond Conference remains open, and the full schedule and agenda is available online.

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