Almond Update: Don’t Forget About Bee Water and Removal

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The almond industry is in the middle of the bloom season and there is plenty of best management practices for growers to do while the pollinators are still foraging. ABC’s Bob Curtis reminds growers to not forget about bee water and the important timing of hive removal.

From the Almond Board of California:
As part of an ongoing commitment to honey bee health, Almond Board of California developed a comprehensive set of Honey Bee Best Management Practices (BMPs) for California’s almond industry. Developed with a wide array of input from sources including the almond community, beekeepers, researchers, California and U.S. regulators, and chemical registrants, “Honey Bee Best Management Practices for California Almonds” represents the Almond Board’s most extensive educational documents to date to ensure that almond orchards are and remain a safe and healthy place for honey bees. The documents lay out simple, practical steps that almond growers can take together with beekeepers and other pollination stakeholders to protect and promote bee health on their land and in the surrounding community. Read/Watch more.