Almond Update: Cover Crop Impresses Grower, Increases Water Retention

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Research results continue to back up the idea of using cover crops in orchards around the state. The plants can add nitrogen to the soil, promote beneficial insects, Increase pollinator health, and more. However, producers like to hear how things are working in real orchard scenarios. 

Grower Chris Rishwain in San Juaquin County has been using cover crops in the middle of the rows for a few years. His story is familiar to a lot of producers. He heard about the practice at a meeting and wanted to find out more on his own. He utilized Project Apis m.‘s Seeds for Bees program to limit the cost of applying the practice. Rishwain said it had been everything he heard it was, reducing dust, bolstering bee health, spurring beneficial insects, and actually increasing moisture content in the soil rather than competing with the crop. 

Listen to Rishwain’s full interview.

Almond Update: Cover Crop Impresses Grower, Increases Water Retention

Find out how to take advantage of cover crop seed assistance programs at There you can read more about Chris Rishwain’s cover crop story.

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