Almond Update: China Showing Promise, Mailers Coming in 2021

Jim Rogers Almond Update

Almond Board

The virtual Almond Conference compiled some impressive stats and may provide an opportunity for events to come. Almond Board of California President and CEO Richard Waycott reviewed the conference with AgNet West, including how they plan to distribute information they usually hand out in person. “Typically at the almond booth, we have the new almanac and other materials that are of interest to growers and handlers,” Waycott said. ABC will be mailing those out in January. 

Waycott also reviewed the latest positions report which had encouraging numbers from the Chinese market. “Just in the last two months, (the market) has totally reversed itself…Let’s hope it continues,” Waycott noted.

The Almond Board of California wishes everyone a healthy and safe holiday season and hopes everyone can do their part to keep businesses open in the state. 

Listen to Waycott’s full interview.

Almond Update: China Showing Promise, Mailers Coming in 2021
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