Almond Update: Optimism for 2021, BMP Training Starts Year

Jim Rogers Almond Update

Almond Board

The almond industry chugged along in 2020 finishing the year on an incredible note. 

Almond Board of California President and CEO Richard Waycott said between Covid-19 vaccine news and how 2020 ended, there is great optimism for 2021 including progress with the Chinese market.

Former US Trade Representative Darci Vetter wasn’t as optimistic regarding China when she spoke at the Virtual Almond Conference earlier this month. Vetter did say however that she believes the new administration will continue to advance positive progress with China and not try and start over with the country.

The China market dominates the trade questions going into 2021, however, other markets could use some mending, and Vetter remains hopeful about the European Union specifically. 

ABC’s Vice President of Global Technical & Regulatory Affairs Julie Adams added at the conference that aside from the trade markets we commonly think about, there may also be opportunities in 2021 to gain new and further strengthen some smaller markets.

ABC wishes everyone a safe and happy New Year with almond bloom just around the corner and you can start your year off right with some bee-friendly training. Tuesday, January 5 from 8:00-9:45 a.m., ABC will have part one of the Best Management Practices for Pesticide Use During Almond Bloom webinar. Talks will include how to understand labels and requirements and overall guidance of products used during the bloom period. There is a total of 1.5 hours of the Department of Pesticide Regulation credits available. You can find out more at

Listen to the entire comments from the radio report.

Almond Update: Optimism for 2021, BMP Training Starts Year
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