Almond Update: Bee+ Scholarship Takes Risk Out Of Bee-Friendly Practices

Jim Rogers Almond Update

Bee+ Scholarship

The Almond Board of California is reminding producers of the new support available for bee-friendly practices. The Bee+ Scholarship will provide 100 almond growers with cover crop seed from Project Apis m. for free. The program will also cover the cost for growers to register under the Bee Friendly Farming program. The certification allows growers to utilize the ‘Bee Friendly Farm’ logo in marketing efforts.

ABC’s Chief Scientific Officer Josette Lewis said they hope to support the adoption of cover crops in the industry and make it easy for growers to experience the benefits of bee-friendly practices both on the farm and in the market. 

Listen to Lewis’ full interview.

Almond Update: Irrigation Bee+ Scholarship Takes Risk Out Of Bee-Friendly Practices

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