Almond Update: Application Deadline Approaching for ABC Committees and Workgroups

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The Almond Board of California (ABC) is looking for new members to join its 11 committees and workgroups that help guide the organization’s actions and direction. Individual participation in these roles is especially important for the industry as a whole. Taylor Hillman, ABC’s Senior Specialist of Industry Communications, said the deadline to submit an application is coming up soon.

Board of Directors

“July 12 is our end date. So, you have roughly three weeks for people who are interested to submit their name,” Hillman explained. “We really try to have our committees at least verbally agreed upon, and then we submit them by the time the new board starts their seats on August 1.”

Each of the committees and workgroups have a specific focus. Collectively, they play an integral role in helping guide ABC in its mission to serve the almond industry. Hillman highlighted two key committees closely involved in cultivating demand for California almonds. One of those is the Global Market Development Committee.

“They help guide the marketing investments of ABC with basically a finetuned lens,” said Hillman. “They get to see how things are being done and help decide on how we put those messages out there. That includes utilizing consumer market research in market results, the macroeconomic trends that align on markets to prioritize for the investments, and then also addressing key issues or opportunities in each market.”

Another closely linked committee is the Nutrition Research Committee which helps direct ABC’s nutrition research investments. Advancing the knowledge around the nutritional value of almonds is a significant factor in building demand. “This committee helps ABC decide where to prioritize nutrition research into what we’re doing. Not only to help with the direction but…to be able to build these marketing campaigns around,” Hillman noted.

For those interested in joining, more information and the application forms are available at Each committee has a detailed description and statement of interest form outlining the mission and responsibilities, helping potential members understand what to expect.

Listen to Hillman’s interview below.

Brian German
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