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The Almond Leadership Program from the Almond Board of California (ABC) is now accepting applications. Participants in the program will engage in an array of activities to help cultivate leadership skills and provide a better understanding of the almond industry. As a member of the 2020 class, Michelle Brasil said the program was an extremely valuable experience.

Almond Leadership Program

“The program offers an opportunity to really meet and get to know individuals from different areas in the industry,” said Brasil. “You get to go and learn something in every single sector of the industry. It’s not just all growing and farming related, but it’s also a little bit of logistics, a little bit of sales, a little bit of microbial stuff. So, I think that being able to participate in this program really does give you a nice well-rounded view of this industry.”

The year-long program is designed to instill a valuable skillset in the next generation of leaders within the agricultural industry. Participants will engage in training seminars and other hands-on learning opportunities. The program delves into the most pressing issues within the almond industry and provides a holistic look at how to make a positive impact. “I think one of the most valuable things I took away from this program was knowing the importance of continuing the education and sharing the education and knowledge you have and don’t be afraid to learn something new,” Brasil explained.

The Almond Leadership Program consists of up to 85 hours of seminars and other events, as well as up to 25 hours of interactive learning opportunities. Brasil said that it does require some time commitments, but overall, it was a fun and enlightening experience. “The Almond Leadership Program I think is such an awesome experience for anybody who is able to join. And anyone that’s on the fence, I really do think you should apply,” Brasil noted.

Those interested in applying for the class of 2022 will need to complete an official application and submit it by 5 p.m. on Friday, December 10.

Listen to Brasil’s interview below.

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