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Almond Update: Almond Journey Podcast Provides Peer-to-Peer Industry Insight

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The Almond Journey podcast from the Almond Board of California (ABC) is bringing valuable industry information to producers in a peer-to-peer format. ABC Senior Director of Global Communications Daren Williams explained that one of the latest episodes provides insight into a grower’s experience with dialing in his irrigation system. Growing up on an almond orchard and eventually taking over as manager of his own operation, Sal Parra Jr. talked about his journey with continuing to improve his irrigation practices.

Almond Journey

“What Sal was talking about is the use of a tool called a dendrometer to measure the moisture within the tree to really be able to get down to – not tree by tree, we’re not there yet – but really get down to different blocks of an orchard and what moisture they need at different times of the year,” Williams explained.

In yet another episode of the Almond Journey podcast, Luke Hicks explains his experience in the industry as a custom harvester. Hicks began his journey as one man with one harvester, growing to an operation working on thousands of acres with four harvesters and a crew of workers. “He talked about the challenges along the way – the risks – but the benefits also of starting his own company and having the independence there,” said Williams.

Hick also spoke on how he sees the future of off-ground harvest methods being adopted by the industry and methods for reducing dust with current technologies. Williams noted that an interesting part of the conversation was Hick’s mention of having two seasons for his operation. “That was the actual harvest and then the winter sanitation in the wintertime and going in and shaking the mummy nuts from the trees,” said Williams.

Listen to William’s full interview.

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