Almond Matters: Staying Ahead of Problems with Preemergence Programs

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In today’s Almond Matters, brought to you by Valent, the winter months means it is time for growers to get going with preemergence programs. Early control of winter annual weeds helps to get a better start to the coming season.  Senior Product Development Manager for Valent USA, John Pawlak noted that there are a few key aspects that really define an effective preemergence approach.

Preemergence Programs

“One of the first things is that it should be broad-spectrum, meaning that it controls broadleafs and grasses, and more importantly it controls the weeds that are in that particular almond orchard,” said Pawlak. “Another component that makes a good preemergence program is for a long residual.”

An appropriate herbicide material selection is another important component of an overall preemergence program. Pawlak noted that it will be critical for the material to remain in the area that it will be most effective in combatting weeds. “Most of the weeds germinate in the top half-inch of the soil and the active ingredient in Chateau, flumioxazin, it doesn’t leech, nor does it volatilize up. So, it really stays where you put it and that’s right in that weed germination zone. Those factors really make up a good solid preemergence herbicide program,” said Pawlak.

An effective preemergence program that includes a long-lasting, broad-spectrum herbicide will prove its value later in the season. Keeping weeds managed can prevent the need for more aggressive treatments in the spring, saving time and money. “It just helps the grower get the crop off to a very solid start in the spring where the weeds are controlled and they’re not competing with the crop for water or nutrients. It also helps the soil to warm up quicker. It’s just the best way to start off for a good almond harvest,” Pawlak explained.

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