Almond Matters: Orchard Protection Techniques

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In today’s Almond Matters, brought to you by Valent, orchard protection techniques to combat pests such as navel orangeworm and peach twig borer rely on a multi-faceted approach.

Protection Techniques

Courtesy: UC ANR

“It’s important right now to have good field sanitation,” Field Market Development and Research Field Representative Tino Lopez said. “That means getting rid of a lot of the mummy nuts that may be hanging on the trees, disking them under or somehow getting them out of the field.”

Another part of effective protection techniques that growers subscribe to is the use of dormant sprays such as Asana. “You have no other insect activity, but you can have an impact in controlling peach twig borer, which are hibernating at this point, and the Asana is able to find them,” said Lopez.

DiPel is also another useful insecticide in combatting pests such as peach twig borer, particularly during bloom season.  “DiPel is a longtime standby for worm control on many crops, including almonds,” said Lopez.  “It’s very effective and at the same time it’s very safe on bees, so you can use it during that bloom period.”

Sanitation, careful monitoring and appropriate insecticide applications will be the most beneficial protection techniques for almond orchards.  “Start with a program early on and control peach twig borer then, and then follow up any emergent that you may have during bloom with the DiPel,” Lopez said.

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