Almond Matters: Planning for Pre-Hull Split Applications

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In today’s Almond Matters, brought to you by Valent, growers will want to be making their plans for pre-hull split applications. Getting timely applications onto trees prior to hull split is going to reduce the likelihood of needing to make multiple applications post-hull split, when pest and disease pressures will be more difficult to address. With hull split expected to be approximately a month out, growers will have time to evaluate the needs of their orchards.

Hull Split Applications

“It depends on your geography and the variety. Some varieties tend to be on the earlier side. But I would say targeting around July 10 is a good ballpark [for hull split]. You need to plan ahead for that,” said Todd Burkdoll, Field Market Development Specialist for Valent USA. “Getting on a preventative application prior to hull split can usually alleviate or prevent hull rot from taking place.”

Once the nuts split, it can be exceptionally difficult to address disease issues. The open nuts provide an entry point for infection and also provides an opportunity for pest pressures to build up as well. “Putting on a preventative for hull rot coupled with a preventative for navel orangeworm, you can get a twofer out of the deal. Two things in the tank for one shot, one kill. So, it’s always better to save the applications if you can, with time and effort,” Burkdoll noted.

There are multiple products available to growers to prevent pest and disease issues from becoming overwhelming once hull split occurs. With any pre-hull split applications, coverage is going to be a critical factor. Making action plans now will allow ample time to achieve maximum coverage during an application. It also allows time for making appropriate material considerations.

“We always recommend rotation with a different FRAC group. There are groups of fungicides there and you need to be rotating for resistance purposes,” Burkdoll explained. “But you also need to put on a product that’s going to be not only preventative but curative if you’ve got any spores out that have already germinated.”

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