Almond Matters: Keeping Orchards Healthy During Hull Split

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In today’s Almond Matters, brought to you by Valent, hull split is right around the corner and many growers are making the necessary preparations to keep their orchard healthy as they move through this point in the season.

hull split“A lot of effort has gone into it so far, to grow it and make sure we have a good crop.  So, now is not the time to let up,” Valent Field Market Research Representative Tino Lopez said, “for most growers, they have to make sure that their irrigation is on on-time, their nutrition is on on-time, and their pest control is on on-time.  It all kind of comes together at this time of year.”

The weather has remained relatively cool this spring and it has helped keep mite populations low.  As warmer temperatures are on the way for many parts of California, monitoring for mites is going to become even more important.  “If we haven’t had mite problems to-date in the orchard, it’s more than likely going to kick them off…people have to really be on top of it to make sure that the mites do not get past threshold before we start taking care of them,” Lopez noted.

Mites were a serious issue for many growers last year, along with other pests such as navel orangeworm.  Getting a head start on prevention and management strategies for infestations will have the best results in mitigating damage.  “Once we get to hull split, navel orangeworm becomes a real challenge and we have to be on top of that using softer materials on mites early on to make sure that we have the beneficial insects preserved as much as possible,” Lopez said.

Pests and disease are always a significant concern, but at this point in the growing season, it is important to look at the orchard in a holistic way to ensure the best possible results during harvest.  “Again, irrigation and nutrition are important…You’ve put a lot of work into growing your crop.  We’ve got to finish it strong to make sure that when harvest comes the crop is there and it’s in good quality,” said Lopez.


Listen to Lopez’s interview below.