Almond Matters: Increase in Summer Disease Potential?

Taylor HillmanAlmond Matters

In today’s Almond Matters, brought to you by Valent USA Corporation, we are thinking about summer disease. “Starting at about five weeks post-pedal fall, growers start thinking about alternaria leaf spot,” Valent’s Field Development Manager Pat Clay said. “Also as you progress into May, they start thinking about scab and rust.”

The uncommon wet weather the state has seen this year may increase alternaria cases. Clay said that combined with modern practices is something growers need to keep an eye on. “As we go to some of these narrower tree spacings, less pruning, denser canopies, irrigation practices and the wet weather we are having all lead to conditions where you might have pre-moisture,” he said. “That’s favorable to the development of a number of these diseases…Anything that promotes humidity in the orchard can lead to disease issues.”