Almond Matters: The Heat Brings Mites

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Courtesy: UCANR

In today’s Almond Matters, brought to you by Valent USA Corporation, a heat wave is on the way for much of California and that means mite pressure will increase. “Everybody is getting ready for their miticide work for the heat coming,” Field Market Development Representative Tino Lopez said. “So far we have had a pretty good year. The trees aren’t stressed at all. There’s been a few mite problems, not a large amount, but this is the time when they usually get started.”

Lopez said the best way to prep for the increase in mite pressure is to have healthy trees. “The number one thing growers can do is to make sure their trees are not stressed due to lack of water,” he said. “On top of that, growers have a lot of tools when it comes to miticides. There is probably about ten to choose from.”

Picking a product depends on when you need to apply. “Some of the products are translaminar miticides, and they should probably go on first,” Lopez said. “You want to make sure with those products, like Zeal from Valent, that the leaves aren’t leathery so that they can penetrate and go through.” Lopez added that contact miticides are better later in the season.

Listen to Lopez’s full interview.
06-14-17 Almond Matters