Almond Matters: Sharing Farm Stories to Counter Misinformation

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In today’s Almond Matters, brought to you by Valent, advocating on behalf of the industry can be as easy as simply sharing farm stories on social media.  The almond industry has been particularly strong in its advocacy and outreach efforts, but it is important to remain persistent in overcoming the amount of misinformation that continues to circulate.  

farm stories“It’s so easy,” said Jenny Holtermann, a fourth-generation family farmer and agricultural advocate.  “Any person has the capacity to reach hundreds or thousands of people…we have the capability at our fingertips, literally, to put a face and put the real-life stories of what’s happening on our farms out there.”

There has been an increased focus on sustainability and conservation in the past couple of years.  Those directly involved in agriculture are in the best position to highlight the work that farmers continue to do to be good stewards of the land.  “The more people out there telling the true stories and sharing what’s really happening, I think the better,” Holtermann noted.  “Showing people that your food came from a family and came from people who have their hands in the soil tending and caring for the earth.”

Social media can be an easy way for farmers to advocate on behalf of the industry, but it can also be used to perpetuate some of the common misconceptions surrounding agriculture.  Holtermann said that simply telling honest farm stories can go a long way in educating those who have no understanding of where their food comes from or the amount of work that goes into feeding the world.

The heightened attention the environment is receiving from the general public can serve as a strong conversation starter to emphasize just how important the environment is to a farmer.  “For your farm to be productive and to be able to pass down through the generations you really have to be stewards of the land.  Our farms are not going to continue to pass down unless we really do care for the soil and care for our earth and make sure it’s going to continue to be prosperous,” Holtermann said.

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