Almond Board: Almond Conference Sessions

Taylor HillmanAlmond Update, General

almond conferenceAt the upcoming Almond Conference, emeritus professor of plant sciences at UC Davis Ted DeJung Is speaking on the specifics of growing almonds trees. He tells us about his session in this week’s Almond Update.

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The Almond Conference is December 6-8, 2016, at the Sacramento Convention Center.
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From the Almond Board:
Every year in December, the Almond Board of California hosts The Almond Conference, which provides opportunities for growers and processors to interact with researchers and influential industry members on industry research, production news and regulatory issues. The three-day conference also features workshops and poster sessions dedicated to research topics, as well as presentations on global and local marketing programs.

Attendees of The Almond Conference can expect to network with key leaders of the almond industry, including decision-makers, buyers, growers, handlers and industry experts. As the top industry event, the Conference brings groundbreaking information and innovative solutions to the attendees — key trends that keep almonds at the forefront of the global food industry.

The Almond Conference also provides attendees the opportunity to see the latest products and access new equipment via the trade show, which is home to more than 200 companies in the almond industry exhibiting their newest materials and services.