Almond Board: New Regulations for Growers Using Chlorpyrifos

Taylor HillmanAlmond Update, General, Specialty Crops, Tree, nut & vine crops

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In today’s Almond Update, we hear about new regulations for California growers of any crop who use chlorpyrifos. Sabrina Hill has more.

Almond Update June 25

There are new regulations for growers who use chlorpyrifos. As of July 1, they must get a permit from the county agriculture commissioner’s office. Gabriel Ludwig, director of Sustainability and Environmental Affairs at the Almond Board of California, says it’s not clear what conditions the county ag commissioners can or will use when choosing to allow or not allow a permit. Growers should check with their local ag commissioner’s office to get more details on the new requirements in their county. Again, the new permit requirements go into effect on July 1.