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Almond Board: Almond Conference Sessions

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almond conference
Plans are in high gear for this year’s Almond Conference. The Almond Board of California gives us an update on the conference’s educational sessions.

The Almond conference will take place December 6-8 at the Sacramento Convention Center. Jenny Nicolau, Manager of Industry Relations for the Almond Board, says lots of information will be available at the conference. “This year’s conference has more sessions than ever. We are expecting more than 3500 attendees representing all facets of the industry and there really is a session for everyone,” Nicolau said.

Nicolau added that there will be several series’ of topics this year mixed in with the other seminars. “We are offering multiple experiences covering every aspect of California almonds,” Nicolau said. “Specifically, we have production related sessions throughout the three days that include topics such as almond rootstocks, almond varieties, healthy hives and a two-part series on precision irrigation management. There is a session on managing orchard salinity, a three-part series on tree physiology which looks at how an almond tree grows, tree nutrition uptake and management and how to manage young trees with general orchard management. There is also a three part series on pest management focusing on pest management practices, mites and spayer calibration.”

A full interactive agenda for the conference will be available soon on the conference’s website. You can find all the conference information at