Almond Board: CASP Workshops on Bee Health

Taylor Hillman Almond Update, General

Helping Honey Bees
The Almond Board is hosting workshops on bee health and pollination, as part of the California Almond Sustainability Program or CASP. We talk with Billy Synk, Director of Pollination Programs at Project Apis m., to hear about one of the programs that will be featured at the workshops.

Hear the report:

From the Almond Board:
With the arrival of colonies beginning in January, almond growers have an opportunity to refresh their knowledge of honey bee best management practices to maintain the health and safety of pollinators while in their orchards. Growers can attend the Bee Health and Pollination workshop in one of three locations: Jan. 16 in Fresno (cancelled due to weather and will be rescheduled), Jan. 17 in Livingston or Jan. 18 in Woodland.

Billy Synk, director of Pollination Programs at Project Apis m., will discuss projects for improving honey bee forage and habitat. Growers will learn about the Seeds for Bees program and other cost-share opportunities to support the health of pollinators.

Host growers for these workshops will lead a tour and discussion of forage and habitat they have provided in their orchards to give pollinators an alternate source of food before the almond bloom begins and after it ends.

The workshop features the new Bee Health and Pollination module of the California Almond Sustainability Program (CASP), and growers will make a hands-on orchard assessment using the new module.

In addition, a review of the newly revised online CASP system, including the Irrigation Calculator and Nitrogen Calculator, will be given by representatives of SureHarvest, which manages CASP for Almond Board of California (ABC), along with ABC staff.

Workshops run from 9 a.m. to noon, and include lunch. See this flier for a complete workshop program, including times and locations. Please RSVP to Jenny Nicolau at