AgWell Solar Helps Growers with Energy Optimization

Brian German News from our Sponsors

AgWell Solar, a division of Nuance Energy, is assisting growers to become more energy efficient with the company’s Osprey PowerPlatform.  The ground-mount solar racking system is designed to be smaller and less complicated than other solar energy programs.

“There’s no pile-driven systems, there’s no concrete or cement to pour, there’s no skilled labor to hire to install,” said Nuance Energy President and Chief Executive Officer Brian Boguess, “it’s been a great fit for the small and mid-size growers out there.”

The Osprey PowerPlatform system uses earth anchors to secure the unit to the ground and can be easily assembled by a four-person crew in approximately one hour.  “The earth anchor allows us to install the ground mount system near irrigation systems and ag pumps with low cost,” said Boguess.

The smaller system not only cuts the cost of construction, it also eliminates the need to replace the transformer as required for many other solar systems.  “We can install much faster than your typical large megawatt system and use existing infrastructure without waiting for the utility to upgrade the lines,”

The company will be at the World Ag Expo demonstrating how the AgWell Solar Brand takes a holistic approach to the use of solar energy.  By maximizing the efficiency of pumps, it reduces the amount of power required and allows for a smaller solar system.  “We found that, by offering not only the product but the service behind the product, was the natural fit,” Boguess noted.

Keeping with company’s mission, Boguess also established an education system to inform growers on energy efficiency.  “What I noticed in the market was that there was a need for an educational platform from Butte County all the way down to Bakersfield, on how to educate on-farm energy management best business practices,” said Boguess.  “CALWARE is an educational platform to be an advocate for this content.”

Listen to the interview below.