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The AgSafe Annual Conference ACTIVATE19 is just days away and will be taking place February 26-28 at the Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel and Spa.  More than 50 sessions will be offered with approximately 40 percent of the content to be provided in Spanish.  The conference will feature a variety of seminars focused on topics such as pesticide safety, human resources, food safety, and leadership development.

AgSafe Annual Conference “This is really the flagship of AgSafe,” said AgSafe President and CEO Amy Wolfe.  “We’ve been doing this conference going on 25 years and it’s just a phenomenal opportunity on a number of fronts.”

The conference will highlight agricultural business innovations as well as address some of the challenges that are facing the industry.  “A number of our regulatory leaders will be there to speak to us about what their enforcement priorities are for the coming year and given an administration change at the state level, to me, this is particularly important right now,” said Wolfe.

One of the keynote speakers for the conference will be Mike Stoker, Regional Administrator of Region 9 for the Environmental Protection Agency.  “I think it’s critical that we hear from someone who not only understands ag but understands a very critical set of issues affecting our industry around environmental issues,” Wolfe noted.

The event offers more than just regulatory information, but an array of presentations related to overall business management and farm success.  Wolfe noted some of the presentations will be covering employee issues that address “some practical tools that you can be implementing both at the time of hire, tools that you can be using when you’re dealing with discipline or other more difficult issues, but also looking at it from a motivation and positive perspective.”

The AgSafe Annual Conference also offers continuing educations credits for a multitude of different licenses.  Registration remains open and more information about the event is available through the AgSafe website.


Listen of Wolfe’s full interview below.

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