Agritourism Growing Support

Taylor HillmanFeatures, This Land of Ours

How more local and state organizations, and private industries, are noticing the economic impacts of Agritourism. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

This Land of Ours – Agritourism

With more agritourism operations popping up around the country more local and state economic development groups and chambers of commerce are taking notice. Steve Peterson of the Wisconsin Agricultural Tourism Association. He observes:

“To some point I think you’re  seeing the tourism departments at the state level that are kind of embracing ag tourism. They’ve seen what ag tourism can do to the bottom line when it comes to their tourism expenditures.”

That has led to expanded partnership to promote and encourage agritourism. One example is the growing relationship between the agritourism entities and the motor coach industry.

“It used to be the boys tours were the ones that went to the casinos and the shopping malls. Well now the people riding the busses want to do more experiences like going to a farm. And we actually had a motor coach tour operators across the country ask us if we could put together itineraries where they could work off. And, I think that’s going to take ag tourism to a different level that we never even thought was possible for the motor couch tour industry.”