Agriculture Innovation

Agriculture Innovation Shines at AgTech Summit

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Salinas again was the host for agriculture innovation this year with the Forbes AgTech Summit. The event brings together professionals from the agriculture, technology and investment industries.

The Forbes AgTech Summit is a two day event in California’s Central Coast. Organizers have labeled the summit “where the Silicon and Salinas valleys meet”. Companies, investors, start-ups and growers have an opportunity to interact and discuss innovation in agriculture.

Field Demos and Tours

Agriculture Innovation
Attendees get to see current and developing innovations in the field with tours to Hartnell College, Taylor Farms and Mann Packing Company. This year featured a machine that plants lettuce from a tape, a robotic weeding machine and a new form of bug trap.
Agriculture Innovation

After the tours, the summit features several start-ups at their innovation showcase. Investors and growers alike get a chance to talk one-on-one with these companies and important business relationships are started.

What’s the Goal?

Agriculture Innovation


The summit also has a full day of talks that promote conversations and questions. Forbes AgTech Summit Executive Producer Paul Noglows says the event aims to shine the light on all the innovation being developed in the agriculture realm.

Summit Shines Light on Ag Innovation