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Agri View: World’s Most Popular Tree Nut

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tree nutEverett Griner talks about the world’s most popular tree nut in today’s Agri View. Everett tells us how research made walnuts and also gives us a bit its history.

I suppose you know that the walnut is the most popular tree nut in the world. If you do, you know that it gained its popularity in California. That is where most of them are grown. There are other places but not like the Golden State.

Let me tell you this. From the early days, back in the 1940’s, research has been ahead of production. You got to give credit to both the producers and the researchers. Both have strived since the beginning to bring the prominence, and the popularity, that the nut enjoys today.

Here is another fact. Neither has ever come up short. If you went back to the walnut that started it, the whole industry, it would not enjoy the prominence that it enjoys today.

It is a very valuable part of California agriculture.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…