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World's Biggest Kohlrabi, Alaska State Fair, Palmer, AK-world record
Everett Griner talks about world record vegetables in today’s Agri View.

World Records

I finally got a new list of world record vegetables. The list doesn’t include as much as the last one but it includes more countries. Canada has made an impressionable entry. The world record that surprised a lot of U.S. growers, the largest pumpkin at 1652 pounds. And Canada had a watermelon hit 239 pounds.

A Belgian grower produced a tomato that hit five pounds but his final count was broken by an American who’s tomato went seven and three quarter pounds. Now that’s just a few of the 12 vegetables listed but they were the most impressive.

I should note that all of these records were set by growers who grow nothing else. They concentrated their efforts on a single plant and devoted all of their attention to its development. OK. Well congratulations to all the winners.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner

Image credit: World’s Biggest Kohlrabi, Alaska State Fair, Palmer, AK, by Laura Lohrman Moore /