Women Ranchers

Agri View: Women Cattle Ranchers

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Women RanchersEverett Griner talks about how women can be successful ranchers in today’s Agri View.

Women Cattle Ranchers

It is an established fact that women are now a part of agriculture. I saw a figure of what percentage of farms were owned by women recently. Some parts of being a woman on a farm are much harder for her than for men. But, they are there.

Cattle ranching. Yes, in the cattle operation, both large and small, are owned, and operated, by a woman. Being successful as a cattle rancher she must know about cows. It goes well beyond when and what to feed. She must know about health conditions. It helps to know about cattle genetics, and pedigree. I will not task long to see how much difference there is in being a rancher’s wife and actually being a top hand in the operation.

Women are there. All of the responsibility, expenses. and time that is required, for the whole operation.

You know what, they are doing quite well.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…