Agri View: Water Rights Problems

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water rightsEverett Griner talks about the water rights issue getting tough in today’s Agri View.

Water Rights Problems

WOTUS. You may never have heard that word. That is W-O-T-U-S. That’s Waters of The United States. The program is backed by our Federal Government. It is a word that wotus rulefarmers know well. Just because there is a flowing stream, or a natural pond, on your property. It doesn’t mean you own the water in it. People who use water from these sources are mostly farmers. Or used to be. WOTUS put an end to that. There have been law suits over the use of the water that once belonged to the owner of the land on which it was located. WOTUS is a lot more complicated than what I have made it sound. But, it looks like it will become more restrictive than it already is. Farmers hope that the Trump administration will find a way to make WOTUS more farmer friendly. Well, I will tell you this. They better not bet their future on it.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…