Agri View: Vegetable vs. Fruit Juice

Dan Agri View, Sugar, Vegetables

vegetable juiceEverett Griner talks about people turning to vegetable juice in today’s Agri View.

Juice Numbers

Are you a juice drinker? I mean vegetable juice. Most juicers prefer fruit juice. But there are a vast number of growing people that are turning to vegetable juice. Put the two together and it represents an astounding figure. For instance, in 2015, canned and bottled juice sales totaled four hundred million dollars. This is good for the consumer and good for the producer. But, nobody stops to look at the waste it generates. Why should they? Just so you will know, a sixteen ounce serving of juice created three and a half pounds of pulp waste. Think of it in these terms. A million servings of pressed juices puts one-hundred seventy-five thousand tons of pulp waste in our landfills. Don’t even think about the methane gas that all of that waste generates. It will take me another day to tell you about the health benefits though.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner.