Agri View: Unfavorable Weather Outlook

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unfavorableEverett Griner talks about the unfavorable weather outlook. Everett talks about another drought forecast in today’s Agri View.

I told you just a few days ago that long range forecasters were forecasting droughts, floods, and hot weather ahead for this summer. Today I received a feature story about a drought already showing signs in the southwest.

unfavorable weatherI don’t think they looked far enough. It could cover the southeast as well as the southwest.

We have already seen an unusually warm winter. One front in late January and early February is all of the cold weather this winter has produced. It doesn’t look like the fruit growers are going to get the necessary chill hours they need for a good crop this year. And, already, talk of a possible drought through the rest of the summer. Significantly in the southwest and very likely in the southeast. And, a lot of 100 degrees plus through the rest of summer.

Alright. Now you know.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…