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Agri View: Social Event

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social eventEverett Griner talks about how one Southern social event has evolved in today’s Agri View.

Social Event

Well, we have all seen changes. Every generation faces alterations in their lives. And, ultimately fade from memory, and, changes our society. You see, up until the late 1950’s sugar cane was a critical crop over the south. Not a big crop. A lot of families had their own cane patch. When the time came, the crop was cut and carried to the house to be ground. That means the juice was extracted which was poured into a large round kettle and boiled into cane syrup. The syrup was a southern staple. And, few homes did not stock it. Too many families, cane grinding was a festive event. The basis for a family, and in some cases, the community to get together for a social event. I haven’t seen a cane patch in 20 years. Cane grinding has disappeared. Life changes.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…