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Agri View: Smart Shoppers

Dan General

smart shoppers
Everett Griner talks about smart shoppers buying food like WIC shoppers in today’s Agri View.

Smart Shoppers

What’s most important for people when shopping for food? For most people its price. With a few it’s brands and labels. If you’re one of the “best price” group, the federally funded Women’s, Infant’s and Children’s program, known as WIC, would be a smart program to follow.

WIC shoppers tend to shop at large stores and super markets are generally the largest stores. That’s because small stores have higher prices. In fact some small stores can’t even sell to WIC shoppers.

Here’s a shocker. WIC shoppers generally choose the freshest and healthiest food they can buy. Not junk foods and soda pop. Less than 30 percent of all WIC purchases goes to small stores. So with today’s food prices higher than they have ever been before, smart shoppers will buy their food like WIC shoppers.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner