Agri View: Say Cheese!

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Cheese rounds at Eau Galle Cheese Factory
Everett Griner talks about the surplus amount of cheese available in today’s Agri View.

Say Cheese!

Oh there is a hassle over the government’s decision to buy eleven million pounds of cheese. It is an effort to reduce the massive surplus of cheese that has dairy farmers suffering from low prices. It may sound like a good deal for dairy farmers but twenty millions dollars’ worth. That’s what it will cost. That is only a small bit of relief.

The National Milk Producers is asking the purchase be made for as much as $150 million. Actually, the problem could be managed without the governments help at all if every American family bought one pound of cheese. How did we get in such a bind? Well China’s poor economy and the Russian ban on Western imports is two of the biggest reasons. Overproduction is the other part of the problem. But Americans are simply not eating as much cheese. The surplus will continue to grow.

That’s Agri View for today, I’m Everett Griner.