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Agri View: Weather Problems for Rice Crop Farmers

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rice crop farmersEverett Griner talks about rice crop farmers having their problems with the weather in today’s Agri View.

Weather Problems for Rice Crop Farmers

Rice. A staple food item in most American homes. You will find a bag or box in just about every American kitchen. Chances are it came from the Bayou country of our Gulf state. That is where most American rice is grown.

It is likely that you will pay more when you purchase this year’s crop. Because there won’t be as much of it.

Remember those destructive rains that hit Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas back in April and May. It did considerable damage to the rice crop. If that wasn’t enough, here came that Tropical Depression Cindy, out of the Gulf, that hit the Louisiana coast in late June. Not a lot of wind, but gully washing rain. And, all of that rain was felt by farmers that grow most of our rice. The damage has not been assessed yet. But, it hurt the rice crop again.

You will feel it. In this year’s prices.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…