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Agri View: New Peanut Allergy Treatment

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peanut allergyEverett Griner talks about a new peanut allergy treatment. Everett discusses how this allergy may vanish in today’s Agri View.

You know one of the healthiest foods from all of the world of agriculture is peanuts. Not a great variety of those foods, and, they are important. But, isn’t it a shame that so many children are allergic to peanuts. Not a few, but millions of children.

That may soon end. An allergy treatment is now being tested that would end that problem. Now the treatment has been tested, and so far, so good. Now there are some who have questioned it. But, it has helped those who have been tested.

Even the maker realizes that there is more work to be done. And, they have pledged to continue their efforts. It will not be satisfied until all children, and adults, who suffer this dangerous allergy can enjoy their favorite food delicacy.

More work, more testing. Maybe it won’t be too long.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…