Agri View: Paper or Plastic

Dan Agri View, Environment

Everett Griner talks about the importance of using paper over plastic in today’s Agri View.

Paper or Plastic

A large portion of one of our Southeastern states used to grow nothing but Pine Trees. They were grown, and harvested, for pulp wood. That pulp wood supplied large factories that made paper. Pulp wood production is a dying industry today. You could almost say paper is being replaced by plastic. Plastic is cheaper. It is brought into your homes in dozens of forms. All of them bad for the environment. One researcher says it is almost a disaster. It is highly resistant to decomposition. Our landfills are full of it. It is scattered everywhere. One researcher says that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Now hear this. There are now wrapping materials that are edible. Stop for a moment and think. How many plastic products go into your home? And, how many tree farmers are out of business?

That’s Agri View for today, I’m Everett Griner.