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Agri View: Oldest Fruit in the World

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oldest fruitEverett Griner talks about what the oldest fruit is, and gives a bit of history about this widely grown plant in today’s Agri View.

Tell me now. What is the oldest fruit in the world? Its history goes back to 500 B.C.. OK, banana, no. Coconut, no. It’s a tomato. That is a vegetable. No it isn’t. Genetically, it is a fruit.

The only history I have is it was grown by the Spanish and Native Americans long before the white man came to this country. It was also grown in South America back then. It’s the most widely grown plant in the world even today.

Now, the oldest fruit in the world is cooked, and served, in more dishes than any other plant, fruit or vegetable. And, you will see this fruit in more colors than any other. Red, Yellow, pink, and green.

You know. It is hard to think of the tomato as a fruit. Especially when you are eating a tomato sandwich.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…