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Agri View: Oklahoma Wildfire Losses

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oklahomaEverett Griner talks about losses continuing to mount from the Oklahoma wildfires in today’s Agri View.

They are gone new. The problem is still there however. I am talking about those wildfires that swept through Oklahoma earlier this year. Just like those that swept through Montana and California last year. The damage will take years to erase. Unofficially, 350,000 acres burned in Oklahoma.

It will take $26 million dollars at first count. It could go higher.

The grass that burned is just one of the costly parts of the restoration. There were losses of livestock. Don’t know how many yet. It is going to be heavy. Growers lost years worth of hay. That means heavy damage to pastureland. A lot of fencing will have to be replaced. That is not cheap either. A few landowners even lost barns and utility buildings.

These are not all, but you can see what wildfires can do.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…

Wildfires in Oklahoma Burned 350,000 Acres – 2018 Rhea Wildfire

Video by: Tornado Alley Video

April 17, 2018 A rapidly moving Cold Front slammed into two major Wildfires raging across NorthWestern Oklahoma!

The Rhea and 34 Complex Wildfires consumed over 350,000 acres!

When the cold front hit the wildfires it created a huge firestorm consuming everything in its path.

Kat Piotrowski’s family settled in NorthWestern Oklahoma in the 1800’s. Kat edited Jeff Piotrowski’s footage hoping to capture the ferocity and the heartbreak of the Rhea Wildfire.

Storm Chaser Jeff Piotrowski, capture’s mother nature’s most EXTREME moments and none more extreme than the Rhea Wildfire.

At one point Jeff witness’ the raging wildfire take on a visual appearance of a massive wedge tornado!

A State of Emergency was in effect for 52 Oklahoma counties due to ongoing wildfires and critical fire weather conditions that began Thursday, April 12, 2018.

Volunteers from all walks of life converged on the Methodist Church in Fairview, OK to donate, prepare and distribute thousands of meals for the volunteer firefighters and emergency personnel on the ground.

Thank You to EVERYONE who made donations to The Methodist Church in Fairview.