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Agri View: New Style for Food Shopping

Dan Agri View

food shoppingEverett Griner talks about how millennials have brought about the new style of online food shopping in today’s Agri View.

You know the present generation, known as millennials, is a generation of a lot more cultural changes than American wide. It’s because they are more into computers than the previous generation.

online grocery shopping menOne element is online shopping. It is a lot more than clothes and jewelry. It is food too. It is not here yet, but some people are already buying their groceries online. If the trend continues, the era of supermarket shopping is going to change.

I am not ready for this. A lot of Americans are not. I like to see what I am buying. As long as we go into a store we can be certain of getting a quality product for our money. Would you buy a steak you couldn’t see? Or, a bag of oranges, or peaches? It may save a few cents. But, there is no guarantee.

Maybe it will crash.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…