Agri View: New GMO Law

Dan Agri View, General

GMO law
Everett Griner talks about consumers now having a GMO Law in today’s Agri View.

New GMO Law

Well we now have a law that requires GMO products to be labelled. It’s been in effect for about six weeks now and the manager at the supermarket where I shop told me that not one single customer has mentioned it to him. I asked him if he was concerned and he said not one bit.

Most people are unaware, even unconcerned, that 75 percent of the food in contemporary supermarkets include genetically modified ingredients. So how will the new GMO law affect shoppers? It’s hard to say.

Actually the new law is very vague. I read it but I don’t understand it. All that I got was that I know that I am consuming GMO products. I still don’t know if GMO’s are good or bad. I just know to load my shopping cart with the foods I like.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner.