modern farming machines

Agri View: Modern Farming Machines

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modern farming machines


Everett Griner talks about how modern farming machines make a difference for farmers in today’s Agri View.



Agriculture is one of the most mechanized industries in all of America. At one time all a farmer needed was a good strong mule, a plow and a few hand tools. Today, many farms have over a million dollars of equipment in their operation. This equipment has changed the entire picture of farming. As recently as 1940 it required 45 hours of hard work on 2 to 5 acres to grow 100 pounds of cotton. It also required a mule, couple of plows and of course the mule drawn cultivator. Then it had to be picked by hand. Well today the same 100 pounds of cotton could literally be produced in minutes. So the world, not just the farmer, owes it prosperous lifestyle to machines. Farm machines. They do as much for you as the do for the farmer.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner.