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Agri View: Long Shot Crop

Dan Citrus

long shot satsuma
Everett Griner talks about producing citrus in Alabama and Georgia may be a long shot in today’s Agri View.

Long Shot Crop

The Satsuma orange is finding acceptance in a growing area. It has been a popular plant with a lot of people over the lower southeast for several decades. See it blooms brightly and then produces flavorful tasty fruit when the crop matures. Not at all uncommon in yards along the Gulf coast. The Satsuma was once a strong commercial crop in some places in that region. But a sustained hard freeze in the late 1950’s killed most of the trees. So farmers simply turned to other crops. Some farmers are giving it another shot. There is increasing number of commercial growers in Georgia and Alabama. I’ve been told that lemons also grow well in that region. I guess that means somebody is growing them. So, we will see.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner.