Agri View: Label Reading

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label reading
Everett Griner talks about what is really important on the label in today’s Agri View.

Label Reading

Do you read food labels? What does it mean to see ‘fat free’ or ‘GMO free’ and a dozen other terms printed on the label. Most of it is the food company’s effort to capture as much of the market as they can.
label reading
Those statements are true, they have to be. A study by a major food company showed that consumers are a lot more concerned about what foods and ingredients are in the package. And they will pay more if the package tells them exactly what’s in the container.

Here is a tricky one, ‘sell by’. USDA is trying to encourage the term ‘best if used by’. That builds more confidence in the consumer.

With all that said, studies show that considerable fewer than 50% of all shoppers read the labels. They choose the brand.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner.