Agri View: Kentucky Cattle

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kentucky cattleEverett Griner talks about Kentucky cattle in today’s Agri View. Everett looks at the cattle production in Kentucky compared to the United States and other southern states.

You know, there is a lot of cattle raised east of the Mississippi River. Nothing like Texas and Oklahoma. But, an impressive number in Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi. They all came in behind Kentucky. Even though this years inventory is below last years, there is still well over 2 million head of cattle in Kentucky. Cattle is one of Kentucky’s most important sectors of agriculture. Still. that is way down the total list. In fact. it is 14th total cattle production.

The cattle industry brought in 734 million dollars all together last year. And, in case you are interested, total United States cattle production as of January of this year was over 94 million head. Both milk and beef production looks like it will remain like 2017. Which isn’t bad, of course.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…