Agri View: Impact of Snow

Dan Agri View, Weather


Everett Griner talks about the impact snow has on producers in areas where snowfall is unusual in today’s Agri View.

You know it doesn’t snow very much where I live. In fact, the kids 17, or younger, got there first chance to throw a snowball, or build a snowman, back in early January. It wasn’t much fun to farmers who grow winter vegetables.

I haven’t seen any damage report yet. But, I have heard discussions about the Vidalia Onion crop. One grower reported extensive damage to the tops. But the tops are not marketable anyway. Another grower said we will just have to wait and see. Well, that is the practical thing to do.

The Vidalia Onion is a crop know and used nationwide. So although the damage may be light, it is likely to have an affect on the retail price. Again, we will not know for a while. That will come when the crop is harvested. And, the crop harvest isn’t to far away.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…